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Savings Tips for Holidays to Labuan Bajo


Savings Tips for Holidays to Labuan Bajo

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Labuan Bajo

Want to take a vacation to Labuan Bajo but are constrained by costs? Relax, you can continue to vacation to the tourism icon of East Nusa Tenggara in an economical way like a backpacker with a limited budget, you know.



Want to know more or less how much budget should be prepared?



Those of you who have a hobby of traveling must have often heard of the amazing charm of Labuan Bajo, Indonesia, right? The beauty of nature is directly proportional to the amount of money required which is quite expensive.


However, you may be looking for alternative steps and travel costs to save on the budget below.


Apart from that, this review will take you to see the calculation of cheap recreation and how much it costs to travel to Labuan Bajo in the style of a backpacker that needs to be prepared.




Jakarta – NTT Transportation Costs

You can start saving, starting with transportation costs to Labuan Bajo. The scenario that can be implemented is a trip from Jakarta to NTT by plane.

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